Why Does Nathan Radley Block The Hole In The Oak Tree?

Boo’s brother, Nathan, apparently observed either Boo or the children reaching into the knothole, and decided to investigate. He cemented the knothole not because the tree was sick, but in order to keep his brother from having any further contact with Jem and Scout.

Why does Mr Nathan Radley fill the hole in the tree?

  • The cemented hole in the tree represents Boo Radley‘s isolation from society. Nathan Radley fills the hole with cement to prevent Boo from communicating with Jem and Scout. Jem is heartbroken because he realizes the cruelty of this action.

Why does Nathan Radley plug the hole?

Nathan Radley tells Jem that he filled the knothole of the tree with cement because it was dying. Atticus says the tree looks perfectly healthy, and Jem discovers that Nathan was lying. The real reason Nathan fills the knothole with cement is to prevent Boo from communicating with the children.

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What happened to the hole in the Radley tree?

Near the end of chapter 7, Jem and Scout are on the way to school when Jem notices that “someone had filled [their] knot-hole with cement.” So, the hole where the mysterious friend had been leaving gifts for Scout and Jem was completely filled in with cement.

What does the knot-hole in the tree symbolize?

Throughout the novel, the reclusive Boo Radley gives Jem and Scout small gifts via the knothole in the oak tree which is located in his yard. The oak tree could symbolize friendship, compassion, and communication.

Who cements the hole in the tree when he learns that Boo Radley has been leaving things in it for the children?

Atticus cements the hole in the tree when he learns that Boo Radley has been leaving things in it for the children. ___ 54.

What big secret does Scout share Jem?

What secret does Jem share with Scout? He says that when he returned for his pants, he found them patched and folded on the fence. Describe the typical seasons in South Alabama.

Why does Jem cry at the end of Chapter 7?

In Chapter Seven, Jem cries when he realizes that Mr. Radley cemented the knot-hole in the tree, not because it was dying, but because he aimed to keep Boo from leaving the children gifts. This is one more example of how the Radley’s cut Boo off from the world.

Why does Jem cry when the Knothole is filled?

The next day, Jem asks Nathan Radley about the cement in the knothole, and Nathan lies to him by claiming the tree is dying, which is why he filled the knothole with cement. Jem cries because he recognizes he will never communicate with Boo Radley or develop a lasting friendship with him.

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Who sealed up the knot hole in the oak tree and why?

plugged the knot-hole, and why? Nathan Radley plugged the hole. When Jem asks him why, the man says he did it because the tree is dying: “You plug ’em with cement when they’re sick.

Why does Miss Maudie laugh at Scout?

Explain why Miss Maudie laughs when Scout uses the word “morphodite” to describe the snowman. Miss Maudie laughs because she knows Scout heard that word in Miss Maudie’s+ Atticus discussion. This shows Scout is childish because she uses the word improperly.

What does the closed Knot Hole symbolize?

The cement in the knothole represents the end of Boo’s communication with the children as well as the oppressive tactics of his older brother to prevent him from developing a friendship with Jem and Scout. Radley about it, and he tells the children that the tree is dying and that the cement will help it: “Tree’s dying.

What is ironic about the way Mrs Merriweather witnesses for the Lord?

It is quite ironic that people who preach a Christian life do not see how un-Christian they act. Mrs. Merriweather is the lead hypocrite as she spews nonsense about supporting T. The irony lies in the discrepancy between people’s words and actions.

Why does Jem reluctance cry in front of Scout?

Jem’s reticence to cry in front of Scout foreshadows his overflow of emotions following the Tom Robinson verdict. After witnessing Tom Robinson’s wrongful conviction, Jem cannot control his negative emotions and bursts into tears. At the beginning of chapter two, Scout writes, It was Jem’s turn to cry.

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What does Miss Maudie detest growing in her yard?

Jem. What does Miss Maudie detest growing in her yard? Nut grass.

Why does Aunt Alexandra not want Scout with Walter Cunningham?

Aunt Alexandra believes that upper-class families should not mingle with lower-class families and fears that Scout will pick up on Walter’s bad habits. She views the Cunningham family as beneath them and forbids Scout from playing with Walter despite the fact that he is a well-behaved child.

How does Scout respond to what Radley did?

All Scout can say is, ” Hey, Boo ” (Lee, 275). When Scout finally discovers that she is standing in the presence of Boo Radley, she immediately runs over to Jem’s bedside and attempts to hide out of embarrassment. Scout is utterly astonished at being in the room with Boo Radley but does not fear him.

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