What Is The Largest Oak Tree In Sc?

Its longest branch distance is 187 ft in length. Angel Oak was the 210th tree to be registered with the Live Oak Society.

Angel Oak
Species Southern live oak (Quercus virginiana)
Location Johns Island, South Carolina, US
Coordinates 32°43′02″N 80°04′50″WCoordinates: 32°43′02″N 80°04′50″W


Where are the oak trees in Charleston SC?

  • A large number of people search for “Angel Oak Charleston South Carolina” even though this tree is on John’s Island. It is a southern live oak located in Angel Oak Park, on Johns Island SC. For those visiting Kiawah or Seabrook islands, you will drive right past the Angel Oak.

The Southern Live Oak tree is a historical site and focal point of one of the City of Charleston’s public parks. It is considered to be the largest Live Oak Tree east of the Mississippi estimating to be 300 to 400 years old.


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Where is the oldest and largest oak tree in SC?

Located in Johns Island, Charleston County, SC. This park features the magnificent Angel Oak tree, believed to be hundreds of years old. This is one of the oldest and largest live oak trees known to exist.

What oak trees get the biggest?

The smallest of the oak trees, the Japanese evergreen oak, only reaches a height of about 30 feet, while the tallest species, the white oak (not to be confused with the white oak grouping), reaches heights of over 100 feet. Currently, the tallest known white oak tree is 144 feet.

How big is the Angel Oak Tree?

About Angel Oak® The Angel Oak receives approximately 400,000 visitors each year. The tree is 65 feet high with a circumference of 25.5 feet, shading an area of 17,000 square feet.

Why is the Angel Oak so big?

While live oaks are known to only grow out and not upwards, the long history of Angel Oak has allowed it to grow both out and up. This explains why it is so tall (more than 65 feet high) and so broad with a canopy that provides more than 17,000 square feet of shade.

Which is the most beautiful tree in the world?

Here are some of the most beautiful trees in the world.

  • Baobab trees in Madagascar.
  • Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon.
  • Methuselah.
  • General Sherman Sequoia tree.
  • Angel Oak tree.
  • The Trees of Dead Vlei.
  • Dragon blood tree.
  • Pando Tree.

What is the most beautiful oak tree?

Three Oak tree varieties that are quite simply beautiful.

  • Scarlet Oak Tree. The deep-rooted Scarlet Oak Tree is an excellent shade tree, with high wildlife value and attractive foliage to boot.
  • Red Oak Tree. The handsome Red Oak Tree is highly adaptable and truly a wonderful specimen to behold.
  • Bur Oak Tree.
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How far should an oak tree be from a house?

This question all comes down to tree size. After all, the wide-root oak tree that’s 70 feet tall needs much more room than the modest Japanese maple. A good rule of thumb is to start at about 8 to 10 feet away from your home for small trees and scale up to account for the tree’s mature height and spread.

How far should I plant a live oak tree from my house?

They should be 40 to 50 feet away from all other trees. Allow an additional 15 to 20 feet between the live oak and your home, driveway or any other structure. This allows for roots that may extend beyond the adult tree’s canopy.

Can you climb the Angel Oak Tree?

It’s free to visit the Angel Oak, but signs warn visitors not to climb on the limbs or carve the tree.

What is the lifespan of a live oak tree?

Mature oaks usually reach about 80 feet in height with a branch spread of 170 feet in diameter, or 85 feet from trunk to branch tip in all directions. Once mature, live oak can live for several centuries, often up to 250 years, with a maximum lifespan of 500 years.

How long can a oak tree live?

The life span of oaks varies according to the species of oak. The average life span is about 100 – 300 years, but particular species can live for shorter or longer times. The water oak (Quercus nigra​), native to the southeastern United States, lives for only 30 to 50 years and the laurel oak (Q.

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Why is it called Angel Oak?

The oak derives its name from the estate of Justus Angel and his wife, Martha Waight Tucker Angel. Local folklore tells stories of ghosts of former enslaved people appearing as angels around the tree.

What’s the oldest tree in the world?

The Great Basin Bristlecone Pine (Pinus Longaeva) has been deemed the oldest tree in existence, reaching an age of over 5,000 years old. The Bristlecone pines’ success in living a long life can be contributed to the harsh conditions it lives in.

Is Angel Oak on a plantation?

Because of its history as slaveholding plantation land, there are more than a few local tales of ghosts of former slaves appearing around the Angel Oak, and of those spirits now protecting the tree.

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