What Is The Differance Between Real Tree And Mossy Oak?

Realtree mimics heavily wooded landscapes and is the better choice for deer hunting camo when in thick cover. Mossy Oak blends better with open, scrubby, and tall grass environments, making it ideal for turkey hunting. No single camouflage pattern works well for all environments.

Which is better Mossy Oak or Realtree stand?

  • Our Verdict: The Advantage Timber pattern is absolutely one of the best we’ve seen when you’re hunting from the trees. Realtree’s stand hunting patterns are better thought out overall, but don’t discount Mossy Oak if you prefer the look and have quite a bit of experience placing your tree.

Is Realtree a good camo?

The latest Realtree camo pattern on the market is Realtree Timber. Primarily designed for duck hunting, it’s proven to be an extremely effective deer hunting pattern, too. Just look how well it blends with the timber setting and the guy doesn’t even have back cover. This pattern is impressive.

What is Mossy Oak camo?

Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession® As the official camo of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Mossy Oak’s® new Obsession pattern includes the NWTF logo and true-to-nature elements from the spring woods. Obsession features an enhanced background of mottled tree bark inspired by the original Mossy Oak Bottomland® pattern.

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Which camo pattern is best for deer hunting?

Xtra Green is the best early season deer hunting camo pattern on the market. It blends right in during that period when everything is still green out. It’s the right choice for those September and early to mid-October hunts.

What is mossy oak bottomland good for?

Bottomland & Original Bottomland With Bottomland’s natural bark elements, this pattern is ideal for hunting ducks in flooded timber, turkey hunting in the hardwoods, or deer hunting from a treestand. Anyplace you find your back against a large tree.

What’s the difference between Realtree edge and Realtree Xtra?

Realtree EDGE allows you to blend in at close or far ranges naturally. REALTREE EXCAPE™ is purposefully designed to appear unstructured while distinctly mimicking natural elements. Timber was carved from the Mississippi Delta, but made to co-exist in all types of hunting scenarios.

What is Realtree camo?

Realtree™ is one of the foremost designers of versatile hunting camouflage patterns. Based in Columbus, Georgia, founder Bill Jordan, has been producing unique camo patterns since 1986. We are a licensee of multiple Realtree™ patterns, providing exceptional concealment in a wide variety of terrains and environments.

When did Mossy Oak bottomland come out?

In the beginning, it was Bottomland – first pattern introduced in 1986. The original Mossy Oak Bottomland has not been changed since its introduction but has been used as background for several of the early patterns. Take a stroll through Mossy Oak’s camo pattern history and tell us what your favorite is and why.

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Is Mossy Oak good camo?

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo So, no matter where you hunt, becoming a part of your surroundings won’t be a problem anywhere across the COUNTRY! Ideal for deer hunting plus hunting turkey, predator hunts and just about any big game hunt.

Does camo really matter for deer hunting?

To sum up, camouflage is helpful, but not necessary in many hunting situations. For upland bird hunting it is less important, for rifle hunting deer it’s of moderate importance. Camo is of moderately high importance for bowhunting ungulates and for all predator hunting.

Is strata camo good for deer hunting?

STRATA pattern camo is the hottest all-purpose tactical pattern on the market! From the open country of the West, to the dense forests of the south, to the leafless late season hardwoods of the East, you won’t find a more effective all-purpose hunting pattern than the True Timber STRATA Camo.

What does the term bottomland mean?

: low-lying land along a watercourse —often used in plural the fertile bottomlands.

What camo is best for Texas?

Mossy Oak Break-up is a great choice for the swampy, murky areas of hunting in Alabama and Louisiana. For northern Texas and into the hardwood forests of Arkansas, Predator Deception has always rang true. It has a great break-up pattern, and is one of the few non-digital camouflage patterns on the market.

What colors make up bottomland camo?

Mossy Oak® Bottomland Camo Pouches Bottomland is Mossy Oak’s original camouflage pattern, created by Toxey Haas using the colors of soil, leaves, trees, bark and old moss in elliptical shapes that resemble red oak bark.

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