Readers ask: What Happens When The Three Rioters Arrive At The Oak Tree?

Where does the old man tell the rioters they will find death? What happens when the three rioters arrive at the oak tree? They plan to kill each other. Their motivation has changed because they want to hunt down death.

What happened to the three rioters under the tree?

They expect to find Death sitting there under the tree, but instead they find treasure. The rioters set out to kill Death because they were tired of this Death killing people of all ranks and both genders.

What is under the tree when the rioters get there?

What do the rioters find under the oak tree? Gold. The first rioter is sent away after drawing straws to buy equipment and drinks. As the first rioter is gone, the other two rioters plan to stab him when he is to return and split the gold between themselves.

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What do the rioters find under the oak tree?

The old man directs them into a grove, where he says he just left Death under an oak tree. The rioters rush to the tree, underneath which they find not Death but eight bushels of gold coins with no owner in sight.

Who killed the three rioters friend what do the three rioters decide to do about it?

What do the two rioters decide to do after they have sent their friend for food and wine? They decide to literally stab their friend in the back to kill him for his share of the gold.

How do the rioters find death?

After recalling all of the deaths Death has caused throughout the countryside, the Rioters swear a pact of brotherhood and make a plan to seek out and kill Death. On the way to find Death, they meet with an Old Man and treat him rudely, asking why he is so old.

What passes by the rioters that catches their attention?

The rioters are drinking. A coffin passing by captures their attention.

How do the rioters treat the old man?

While the three rioters in the Pardoner’s Tale are restlessly looking for death, they meet a poor, old man on the way. Although the old man talks to them very politely, they are very rude to him. This ancient man full meekly them did greet, And said thus: “Now, lords, God keep you and see!

When the three rioters discover the gold coins they?

The three rioters followed his directions and found not Death but a pot of gold coins under a tree. After, discovering the gold coins, they secretly plotted to kill each other, hoping to keep the treasure to only himself. Because of this, the role of the gold coins acted as the source and main cause of their death.

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How are the three rioters characterized?

Three rioters are characterized by their vulgar and drunkenness. The pardoner says that they’re a “company of youngsters haunting vice and ribaldry.” He explains them as “dancing and dicing day and night and bold to drink and eat for more than they can hold.”

What do the three rioters promise?

The three rioters swear to kill Death. The rioters try to keep the pledge – they seek Death out when they encounter the old man, but they get greedy and forget their initial pledge.

Why do the three rioters question the old man?

The young rioters then accuse the old man of what? Being a spy for death, in which assisting to kill the rioters. The Old Man tells the rioters “to turn up this crooked way” to find Death. That greed will eventually lead to the discovery of Death.

What does the rioters response to the description of Death?

The rioter’s response to the description of Death tells us that their character want to get revenge for the deaths of the townsfolk and his friend. They will also fight death in the name of Jesus and will give their lives for the mission. -“I’ll search for him, by Jesus, street by street.

Who did the three rioters run into on their journey to find the killer?

On their journey to find death, whom do the rioters run into? A very poor old man (assumed to be death in disguise). According to the old man, why hasn’t he died yet? He hasn’t found anyone willing to trade their youth for his old age and death has continuously turned him away.

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What do the rioters decide to do after they have sent their friend for food and wine?

What do the two rioters decide to do after they have sent their friend for food and wine? They decide to literally stab their friend in the back to kill him for his share of the gold.

What does the knave tell the rioters happened to their friend?

The tavern knave and the publican tell the rioters that Death has been killing many people lately. Death kills people with the plague. The poor old man keeps asking for Death to take him, but he never does.

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