Quick Answer: What Do You Need To Plant A Willow Oak Tree?

The plant thrives in moist acidic soils of almost any type. Willow oaks require full sun. In partial shade situations, the crown will develop into a weakly branched slender form as limbs reach for the sun. In full sun, the plant spreads out its limbs and makes a more balanced shape.

How to care for a willow oak tree?

  • In full sun, the plant spreads out its limbs and makes a more balanced shape. For this reason, pruning young trees in low light is part of good willow oak care. Training early helps the tree form a strong structure. As a shade specimen in large public spaces, willow oak really can’t be beat for beauty and ease of management.

How fast does a willow oak tree grow?

Willow oaks can grow moderately fast (height growth up to 60 cm, 2 ft a year), and tend to be conic to oblong when young, rounding out and gaining girth at maturity (i.e. more than 50 years).

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How far apart should you plant willow oaks?

The Willow Oak offers rich, orange color in fall that will liven up your landscape. Plant about 18 feet apart when planting in rows.

Is a willow oak a good shade tree?

Culture: The willow oak is an excellent choice as a shade tree. It thrives in moist, well-drained, acidic soil and full sun. Tree size: Growing fast for an oak, it can reach a height of 40 to 60 feet with a spread of 30 to 40 feet or more. Flower and fruit: Female flowers are inconspicuous; male catkins are pendulous.

How do you plant an oak tree?

Remove the covering and place the tree in the hole. Be sure the tree is standing straight and tall. Add or remove soil to ensure the tree is tall. Mix a good compost in with the soil you’ve removed from the planting hole, then fill in the hole, tamping down the soil with your shovel or foot until it’s firm.

Are willow tree roots invasive?

Problems With Willow Tree Roots Weeping willow tree roots are aggressive, invasive and shallow, and they can spread up to three times the length of the tree (from the trunk to the canopy). Weeping willow tree roots can also damage underground water, sewer and plumbing lines.

When should willow oak be pruned?

Willow trees bleed sap if you prune them while they are actively growing, so the best time for willow tree pruning is in winter while the tree is dormant.

Are Willow Oaks Hardy?

Willow Oak Information Willow oak trees (Quercus phellos) are native to the United States. They are hardy in USDA zones 5 or 6a through 9b, making their range the whole of the west coast, most of the east coast, and the entire south and southwest. The trees are fast growing.

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How do you fertilize willow oak trees?

Trees such as Willow Oak Tree grow best if they are fertilized lightly in the spring once frost has passed with a well-balanced, extended-release, fertilizer such as espoma Tree-tone. Fertilize Willow Oak Tree again 6 to 8 weeks later to encourage denser foliage or faster growth of young trees.

What is willow oak used for?

Common Uses: Cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, flooring, and veneer. Comments: Willow Oak falls into the red oak group, and shares many of the same traits as Red Oak (Quercus rubra). Red Oak, along with its brother White Oak, are commonly used domestic lumber species.

How can you tell a willow oak?

Comments: Willow Oak is readily identified by its narrow unlobed leaves that are 5-8 times as long as they are across. The only other oak in Illinois with similar unlobed leaves, Shingle Oak (Quercus imbricaria), prefers drier habitats and its wider leaves are about 3-4 times as long as they are across.

Does a willow oak have a tap root?

Growing willow oak tree: The willow oak is faster growing than many oaks and much easier to transplant, since it doesn’t have as deep a taproot as most of its cousins. It takes full sun or light shade and needs a well-drained soil, preferably rich and on the acid side.

What is the best time of year to plant an oak tree?

Shoot for early fall. Oak trees? Plan to transplant in early spring. February or March is an ideal time, or choose a window that’s right before spring budding in your area.

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How long does it take for an oak tree to grow to full size?

Oak Tree. Growing from seeds to mature trees, oaks take between 30 to 40 years to grow, making them a slow and often neglected species in the forest.

How deep do you plant an oak tree?

Fill pots that are at least 12 inches (31 cm.) deep with potting soil. Plant the acorns an inch (2.5 cm.) deep.

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