Quick Answer: According To Sheriff Tate, What Is Lying Under The Big Oak Tree?

According to Sheriff Tate, what is lying under the big oak tree? It is the body of Bob Ewell. Tate tells Atticus, “Bob Ewell’s lyin’ on the ground under that tree down yonder with a kitchen knife stuck up under his ribs.

What does Sheriff Tate find under the big oak tree?

Reynolds arrives, and after he examines Jem, Scout and Heck Tate go into Jem’s room. With Atticus is the man who brought Jem home. Scout has never seen him before. Sheriff Tate then announces that he found Bob Ewell dead under the tree where Scout and Jem were attacked.

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What does Heck Tate find under the oak tree the night of the attack?

Heck Tate found Bob Ewell stabbed to death with a kitchen knife under the tree where he attacked Jem and Scout.

What happens when Jem and Scout reach the large oak tree?

What happens when Scout and Jem arrive at the tree? Atticus many times over the past several chapters. However, instead of facing Atticus, he cowardly attacked the man’s children. Additionally, when Scout goes over to the assailant after the scuffle, she smells stale whiskey emanating from him.

How does Scout know they walked under the big oak tree?

As they approach the oak tree, they both know for certain that someone is following them. With a note of dread, Scout tells the reader, ” Our company shuffled and dragged his feet, as if wearing heavy shoes.

Who does Atticus say killed Ewell?

As the men argue, Atticus realizes that Boo Radley killed Ewell, and it is Boo who Tate is trying to protect. They finally agree that Ewell did fall on his own knife, a decision Scout fully understands. Boo sees Jem one more time and then asks Scout to take him home.

Who does Scout think the stranger in the corner is 27 28?

mwestwood, M.A. The man in the corner in Chapter 28 of To Kill a Mockingbird is Arthur “Boo” Radley. After the school program as Jem and Scout walk toward their house, Jem suddenly stops. He tells his sister that he thinks he has heard something.

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What happened to Jem and Scout under the oak tree?

In Chapter 28, Jem and Scout are walking home by themselves following the Maycomb Halloween festival. It is a dark, ominous night, and the children hear the footsteps of someone approaching. As the children are walking underneath the big oak tree in the Radley yard, Bob Ewell attacks them.

What can Scout feel during the attack?

At one point, Scout feels a man’s unshaven face, and smells “stale whiskey” (Ch. 28). Boo Radley intervenes, and protects her. Bob Ewell tries to attack the children, and Boo Radley intervenes, protecting them and taking Jem and Scout home.

Who does Scout meet at the end of the chapter?

Towards the end of chapter 29, Scout meets her reclusive neighbor for the first time and is awestruck at his appearance. All Scout can say is, “Hey, Boo” (Lee, 275).

Why did Mr Radley fill the tree with cement?

Nathan Radley put cement in the knothole? He covered it with cement because the “tree was dying”, but really it was to stop Jem and Scout from putting things in it.

Why did Scout quit the Radley game?

In this little drama, Scout plans Mrs. Radley and is responsible for sweeping the porch, while Dill plays Mr. In Chapter 4, Scout wants to quit their game because she is sure that Atticus knows, and because she heard laughter from inside the Radley house.

What did Scout do that ruined Mrs Merriweather’s pageant?

How does Scout “ruin” Miss Merriweather’s pageant? Scout ruined Miss. Merewether’s pageant by falling asleep and missed her cue. She also entered the pageant a bit too late.

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Who does Scout consider to be the loneliest person in the world?

Indeed, Scout is right in her observation that ” Mayella Ewell must have been the loneliest person in the world.” She has no one to love her, and she has never learned to love anyone. She lives her life in squalor, isolation, and fear.

What is Boo Radley’s real name?

In the classic American novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley (whose first name is actually Arthur ) doesn’t leave his house or talk to anyone, which leads the children in the novel’s setting (Maycomb, Alabama) to wildly speculate about what he looks and acts like.

What gifts did boo leave for Jem and Scout?

Boo gives the children sticks of gum (Wrigley’s Double Mint), two shiny Indian coins, grey twine, soap figures resembling Jem and Scout, old spelling bee medals, an old watch, and an aluminium knife.

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