Question: Why Does Scout Stop At Large Oak Tree On The Radley Property For First Time On Page 44?

What did scout find in the Radleys tree?

  • Something in one of the large old oak trees on the Radley property caught her eye. Upon investigating, Scout discovered that somebody had put sticks of chewing gum in a knot-hole in one of the trees. With that discovery, a game of sorts develops involving Scout, her older brother Jem, and their friend Dill.

What is the first thing that Scout finds in the oak tree on the Radleys property?

This first item Scout finds in the knothole of the Radley oak tree is two sticks of Wrigley’s Double Mint chewing gum. Later on, Scout and Jem find two Indian-head pennies. The children also find a ball of twine, two carved soap figurines, and a whole pack of chewing gum.

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Why does Scout linger so long on the Radley porch?

So what is Scout doing on the Radley porch? She’s soaking in Boo Radley’s perspective and imagining his life as a witness to theirs. She’s realizing that even though Boo seems to be a bystander, he nonetheless plays a role in her neighborhood’s story.

What is the first thing that Scout finds in the oak tree on the edge of Boo Radley’s property How does Jem react when he learns about her discovery?

When she gets home, she unwraps the gum and sniffs it to make sure it isn’t poisonous. Jem returns home and asks Scout where she got the wad of chewing gum. Scout tells Jem she found it sticking out of the tree in the Radley yard and Jem yells at her to immediately spit out the gum.

What happens to the oak tree on the edge of the Radley property?

The oak tree stands at the edge of the Radleys’ yard; its roots extend into the side road, causing the road to be bumpy. The tree has a knothole into which Boo lays little gifts for the Finch children. Unfortunately, Nathan Radley seals the hole—just as he seals Boo up in the decrepit house.

Who is the meanest old woman that ever lived?

Mrs Henry Lafayette Dubose is another Finch neighbour, who is known as the ‘meanest old woman who ever lived’ (Chapter 4, p. 41). She is an important character as Jem has to read to her after he beheads her camellia bushes, and when she dies the children learn that she was struggling to combat a morphine addiction.

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What was in the knot-hole of the oak tree?

Jem and Scout find several things in the knot-hole of the old oak tree on the Radley property. In the knot-hole they find 2 sticks of gum, a pack of gum, 2 old Indian head coins, gray twine, soap figures carved to like Jem and Scout, old spelling bee medals and an old watch on a chain and an aluminum knife.

What is significant about Scout looking at the world from the Radley porch?

The significant thing about Scout looking at the world from the Radley’s porch is that she looks at the past from Boo’s perspective and understands why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.

What exactly did Scout see from the porch of the Radley house?

Standing on the porch, Scout sees in an instant how the last few months must have appeared to Boo – the trips she, Jem and Dill made, Atticus shooting the dog, the house fire, and the presents Boo left for them.

Does Scout see Boo Radley again?

Scout never sees Boo Radley again because he was stabbed by Mr. Ewell. It is an important part of the story that Scout never sees Boo Radley again because it shows how he was willing to give his life to save two children that he had never met before.

Does Scout marry dill?

Since the story ends within the childhood of Scout and Dill, there is no way to be certain of whether or not the two got married. In all likelihood, they did not, as those sort of entanglements rarely survive past childhood, but it is humorous to imagine nonetheless.

What are the two reasons why Scout doesn’t want to play the game?

In Chapter 4, Scout wants to quit their game because she is sure that Atticus knows, and because she heard laughter from inside the Radley house.

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What is the lawyer’s trick in TKAM?

Atticus uses a lawyer’s cross-examination trick on Jem. First, he asks Jem innocently enough why he wants Boo Radley to come out. From there, he manipulates the conversation so Jem eventually admits to playing the Radley game. Atticus tells Scout and Jem to leave the Radleys alone.

How does Scout end up in the Radley yard?

Scout, Jem, and Dill are playing in the street in front their house with an old tire. They take turns getting inside the tire and rolling down the street. When it’s Scout’s turn, Jem gives the tire a big push and the tire rolls into the Radley yard and ends up resting against the porch.

What happens to Jem and Scout under the oak tree?

As the children are walking underneath the big oak tree in the Radley yard, Bob Ewell attacks them. Since Scout is wearing a cumbersome ham costume, she is unable to clearly see what is going on, making her account difficult to follow. Scout finally gets to meet Boo Radley and walks him to his house.

What does Scout find in the knothole of the oak tree at the Radley place in the beginning of Chapter 4?

After school one day, she passes the Radley Place and sees some tinfoil sticking out of a knothole in one of the Radleys’ oak trees. Scout reaches into the knothole and discovers two pieces of chewing gum. She chews both pieces and tells Jem about it.

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