Question: What Does Scout First Find In The Knothole Of The Oak Tree?

This first item Scout finds in the knothole of the Radley oak tree is two sticks of Wrigley’s Double Mint chewing gum. Later on, Scout and Jem find two Indian-head pennies. The children also find a ball of twine, two carved soap figurines, and a whole pack of chewing gum.

What does scout find in the knothole of the tree in the book?

  • Jem and Scout then write a thank you note to put into the tree, but when Jem goes to place the letter into the knothole, he finds out that Nathan Radley filled it in with cement. At the end of the novel, Scout realizes that Boo Radley was the anonymous gift giver.


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What is the first thing that Scout finds in the knothole of the Oak What does she do with it?

Scout runs over to the tree and grabs two sticks of Wrigley’s Double-Mint chewing gum out of the knothole. When she gets home, she unwraps the gum and sniffs it to make sure it isn’t poisonous.

What did they find in the oak tree?

Scout and Jem find several treasures including chewing gum, pennies, soap dolls carved to look like them, a spelling medal, and a gold watch.

What does Scout first find in the knothole of the Oak tree quizlet?

a piece of tinfoil caught her eye in a knothole in an oak tree by the Radley’s place- in it was two pieces of Wrigley’s Double-Mint chewing gum.

What did Scout and Jem find in the oak tree at the beginning of summer?

Scout discovers two pieces of gum, Wrigley’s Double-Mint, in the knothole of the oak tree at the edge of the Radley lot. At the beginning of summer, Scout and Jem find two old pennies in a ring box in the knothole of the tree.

Why did Mr Radley fill the tree with cement?

Nathan Radley put cement in the knothole? He covered it with cement because the “tree was dying”, but really it was to stop Jem and Scout from putting things in it.

Why did Scout quit the Radley game?

In this little drama, Scout plans Mrs. Radley and is responsible for sweeping the porch, while Dill plays Mr. In Chapter 4, Scout wants to quit their game because she is sure that Atticus knows, and because she heard laughter from inside the Radley house.

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Why are oak trees sacred?

White oaks and oaks in general are held sacred by many cultures. The Celts believed oaks to be sacred because of their size, durability, and nourishing acorns. They also believed that the burning of oak leaves purifies the atmosphere. The Druids used oak trees in spells for stability, safety, strength, and achievement.

Are oak trees poisonous to humans?

The tannins found in the leaves, bark, and acorns of most Quercus spp produce poisoning through their effect on the intestinal tract and kidney. Oaks at any stage of growth are poisonous, but are particularly toxic when the leaf and flower buds are just opening in the spring.

What are oak trees good for?

Oak forests provide habitats for many native species and are therefore important to ecosystems. English oaks provide homes for many insects, which in turn provide a food source for birds. Badgers and deer feed off the trees’ acorns.

What three things did Scout take to see if what she found in the knothole was safe?

Scout discovers several items hidden in the knothole of the tree, such as a couple sticks of gum, a small box containing coins, a ball of twine, two figures carved from soap, an entire pack of gum, a spelling medal, and a pocket-watch.

What is Boo Radley’s real first name?

In the classic American novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley (whose first name is actually Arthur ) doesn’t leave his house or talk to anyone, which leads the children in the novel’s setting (Maycomb, Alabama) to wildly speculate about what he looks and acts like.

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What did Jem call Scout while they were trying to sleep?

The children often sleep on the porch in the summer. 4. Jem calls Scout “ Angel May” and “Little Three-Eyes.”

Who did Scout Jem and Dill hear occasionally laughing?

As the previous answer states, the laughter from inside the house is probably Boo Radley having a good chuckle as he watches the antics of the children outside his door. Scout never lets on to Jem and Dill that she heard it at all; she keeps it to herself.

What gifts did boo leave for Jem and Scout?

Boo gives the children sticks of gum (Wrigley’s Double Mint), two shiny Indian coins, grey twine, soap figures resembling Jem and Scout, old spelling bee medals, an old watch, and an aluminium knife.

Who is the snowman first made to look like?

Jem and Scout haul as much snow as they could from Miss Maudie’s yard to their own. Since there is not enough snow to make a real snowman, they build a small figure out of dirt and cover it with snow. They make it look like Mr. Avery, an unpleasant man who lives down the street.

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