FAQ: In What Sense Is The Old Man’s Statement That The Rioters Can Find Death Under The Oak Tree True?

In what sense is the old man’s statement that the rioters can find Death under the oak tree true? In the sense of money and greeds the old man was right when he said Death was right under the tree because when it comes to those two things that is usually what most people care about.

What does the old man say the rioters will find under the tree?

The old man says the rioters will find Death under the tree. What does the old man say the rioters will find under the tree? homicide, gluttony, blasphemy, and pride. The gold under the tree will lead to the deaths of thee three rioters, so in a sense, death is under the tree.

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When the old man tells them they can find Death under the tree what do the revelers find there?

His tale relates how three drunken revelers set out to destroy Death after one of their friends had died. An old man tells them that Death can be found under a particular oak tree in a grove, but when they arrive at the tree, they discover only a pile of gold florins.

Did the rioters find Death under the tree?

They treat the old man disrespectfully. What do the rioters find under the oak tree? When he returns he is stabbed to death, and the men take the poisoned wine to celebrate their success. The two men die from the poison.

Where did the old man say that the rioters would find Death?

The old man says the rioters will find Death under the tree. They find a pile of gold florins.

What do the three rioters ask the old man?

As the old man prepares to leave, the three rioters ask him where “Death” was since he “spoke just now of that same traitor Death”. They tell him that he was a spy of death, who was involved in killing their friends.

What is the bargain the rioters are referring to in line 122?

What lines explain the “bargain” the rioters are said to have made in line 122? The three rioters swear to kill Death. Reading Check.

What sin does the Pardoner admit he is guilty of?

In his prologue, the Pardoner confesses that he is a fraud motivated by greed and avarice and that he is guilty of all seven sins.

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What do the rioters want to do with Death?

The rioters believe that Death is the cause of all of their friends deaths, and they therefore seek to get revenge and kill Death. They want directions to Death and he tells them to go under the tree and they’ll find him.

How do two of the rioters decide?

How do two of the rioters decide to increase their share of the gold? They plot to kill off the younger rioter who was sent to the town. In “The Pardoner’s Tale” the three rioters are sure that they can destroy Death, and yet they fail to see that they are falling into his trap.

What is ironic about the death of the rioters?

The rioters did literally find Death under the tree, though their greed for the gold. It is ironic that their plots backfired and lead to their destruction. The moral of the Pardoner’s sermon is that greed is the root of all evil; ironically, the Pardoner lives by greed.

Did the old man know beforehand directing the three rioters to the oak tree?

No they do not, they get greedy and go for the gold. Does the old man know that “in directing them to the oak tree” he is sending them to their deaths? Most likely, for how they were treating him so rudely.

What do the three rioters represent?

In an allegorical reading of the Pardoner’s Tale, where characters represent abstract concepts instead of real people, the Three Rioters represent greed. They salivate at the sight of the eight bushels of gold and abandon any other goals or consideration like that pact of sworn brotherhood to kill Death.

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What personification of death does the old man offer?

The old man can be “death” itself or a representation of death as he sends the three young men, who are looking for death, to an Oak tree where they find treasure and, ultimately, die. In other words, he sends them to a place where they find death or death finds them. One of the “rioters” calls him the death’s spy.

How does the old man characterize himself?

How does the old man characterize himself? A. they are little rude punks ‘why haven’t you died with. Neither death nor the ground will take him, and no-one will trade him for his age.

What is ironic about the attitude that the old man has toward death?

What is ironic about the attitude that the old man has toward Death? Most people seek to avoid death, but the old man looks for it.

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