Your Exclusive Getaway

A Truly Unique Opportunity

The Oaks at Sacred Rocks RV Park and Campground is offering an exclusive opportunity to a limited group of individuals. As a client of our parent company, the Magis Group, Inc., or as a shareholder of The Oaks at Sacred Rocks, you will be able to use the property as often as you’d like at no cost.

How it Works

As an advisory client of the Magis Group, you will achieve your desired level of Financial Independence. The Magis Group is an independent advisory firm that provides a system of advice, support, and accountability so that you achieve your goals and live your best life. We have created a private investment opportunity for your benefit. Individuals may purchase shares of The Oaks at Sacred Rocks RV Park and Campground. As a shareholder, you will own a stable real estate investment and a unique business opportunity in your financial portfolio. As advisers, working in a fiduciary capacity, we will review your financial situation and determine if you are eligible to become a shareholder. If you are not eligible to become a shareholder, you have the option to use the property, at your leisure, as a Magis Group client.

Benefits Overview

  • Financial Independence via the Magis Group, Inc.
  • A  unique destination to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate.
  • The use of The Oaks at Sacred Rocks as an Exclusive Getaway
  • Ownership in The Oaks at Sacred Rocks RV Park and Campground
  • Dividend producing investment for your retirement or non-retirement dollars
  • You can use IRA dollars to purchase your shares
  • Shareholders have the opportunity to enter the U.S. real estate market at a time of recovery and anticipated growth

Take Action Today

Please complete the form below and a team member will contact you within the next 24 hours to arrange your guided tour of the park, a complimentary one-night stay, and most importantly, an overview of how the Magis Group will work with you to achieve your Financial Independence.